Fire Adapted & FireWise Community

This page contains documents related to our efforts as the Alpine Peaks Residents Association to obtain both Fire Adapted and FireWise Community designations.  We will also post relevant information to achieving these goals on this page, as well as resources with more information.

Current guidance (as of 25 October 2020) for Alpine Peaks from the NTFPD and the Placer County Sheriff emergency evacuation staff on how to prepare for a wildfire emergency and evacuation of Alpine Peaks is found below.  Please read these two documents carefully.

If you need help with yard clean-up, debris removal, and/or tree trimming and cutting, below is a list of groups that could be contacted for get this work done.  There are many groups in the Tahoe Basin, a Google search will bring up a number of others.

Yard debris:
Jason Roach/Lasting Landscapes: one of our neighbors on Verbier. His crew will help clean up your property and take it away: 530.510.5161
Tom/Tahoe Snow Job: the group that does the driveway plowing also does yard clean-up: 530.581.5000

Tree cutting/trimming: (in no particular order)
Tahoe Park Snow Job: 530.581.5000
Jeremiah’s Tree Service: 530.581.1945
Arbor Care: 530.581.0820
Bushwackers: 530.546.8307

UPDATE 17Aug20: We are now planning for a neighborhood clean-up day in the late spring/early summer of 2021. We will announce the day and plans in early spring 2021. [Initial post: We hope to have a neighborhood-wide clean-up activity with a large debris dumpster sometime this summer, with appropriate COVID-19 precautions.  More details will be available as we work with our partners at the NTFPD to put this clean-up together].

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